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What my first infrared sauna session taught me?

Growing up in a tropical region I ran from the blistering 100-degree weather. Sitting in an enclosed space with my thoughts, heat and water wasn’t appealing. In fact, it terrified me, I became nauseous by the idea of sitting for 30 minutes with a wandering mind in heat.

I vividly remembered feeling overwhelmed after an exhausting week. I wanted to find a place to center my mind and allow my body to relax. A massage seemed ideal, however it was the norm, a facial would be beneficial, however, it did little to relax my entire being, and manicure and pedicures were temporary fixes. My last option: a suana session. I religiously read the health benefits, the physiological renewing, I was also reminded of my deep fear of being in an enclosed space trapped with heat.

I made a conscious decision, one Sunday, to give a long tradition, a go.

I walked in with a book just in case boredom stepped in.

Here’s the deal–my experience was amazing.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about feeling renewed, it is the ability to surrender and free the mind from everything. We are all caught in various whirlwinds, constant bombardments of social atrocities. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I fondly remembered my body releasing itself. I took myself to a place, so distant from this world yet one I dream of.

My sauna session was filled with sweat, heat and water—the obvious, however, I gained more than I can ever pay or bargain for. I gained a renewed mind and body—one equipped with a childlike freedom.

I will encourage you to take a 30-minute sauna session at TeaSpa to experience what I did.

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