Shera is our star nail technician!

THE BEST NAIL SERVICE AND MASSAGE! Shera did my mani/pedi and Iris did my massage. I judge nail services by cleanliness, neat & lasting Polish, and how my cuticles feel afterwards. I always have some sort of tenderness around my cuticles whenever I get a manicure; not this time. I have absolutely no soreness or tender cuticles. Just enough was taken to leave the polished nail perfect. Unbelievable! Additionally, everyone complimented them at work the next day and thought it was Gel. Her regular mani was so good, I can’t imagine how well the Gel/Shellac will be. This is day 2 and it still looks amazing and no chipped corners as I usually expect after having regular nail Polish applied (I’m a member and work).

As far as the massage, I’ve had at least 10 massages done in the past and Iris’s was the best. She focused on what I needed and I actually felt the stress leave my body. Her technique was on point. The next day I felt the “soreness” that I expect. This is how I can tell the muscles were really worked on and yet I’m not uncomfortable.

I will definitely look forward to more services and can’t wait to see if the Brazilian waxing is just as good as the massage and nail services.

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