Couple’s Swedish Massage 

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation brought by Swedish massage while share the intimacy. It includes 60 or 90 mins Swedish massage which uses smooth touch for better circulation, range of motion and relaxation

60 minutes – $170; 90 minuntes – $250

Couples’s Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are used to create a truly unique treatment experience. The heated stones are producing a profound state of relaxation, unlocking blocked energy and relieving aches and pains and to stimulating circulation.  Hot stone is a proven helpful therapy for back pain and aches, poor circulation, osteoarthritis and arthritis pain, stress, anxiety, tension, depression and Insomnia.

60 minutes – $250; 90 minuntes – $340

Couple’s Signature Massage 

Ultimate pampering and relaxation. A combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and conjunction to the use of hot towel will promote prolonged well-being and restore the body’s balance, while targeting arches and pains.

60 minutes – $240; 90 minuntes – $350

*All 30 minutes services will have 25 minutes hands-on, all 1 hour services will have 50 minutes hands-on, and all 90 minutes services will have 80 minutes hands-on. Make your appointment now.