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New Management

Tea Spa Wellness Center is a full service day spa that continues the tradition in Tea Spa on the full commitment to customer satisfaction and affordable price. The new management is applying years of experience of Spa management to this over 10 years establishment for a fresh new start. We welcome all customers to email us or call us to share your thoughts on what we can do to win your business. Our official email address is manager@teaspawellness.com.

Massage Therapist: Mimi
Mimi Ge has been interested in massage therapy since young. Because of her own body imbalance, she’s always been physically active and challenging herself to do more with her body. She also found that doing massage and giving healing is healing itself. She specializes Swedish, Deep tissue, reflexology, prenatal, sports massage. She is also excellent with stretch techniques. She believes opening up the body helps with releasing stress and better breathing. She hopes everyone remember to stretch more often especially with hectic jobs.

Massage Therapist: James

James graduated from Colombia College. He specializes in Swedish Massage techniques, Deep Tissue and prenatal. His clients rave about his ability to relax them with his patient approach to their aches and pains with perfect amount of pressure.

Massage Therapist: Ben

Ben graduated from Columbia College and is a certified massage therapist in Maryland. His specialty includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Acupressure. He also received massage training in China, and he is renowned to incorporate eastern and western techniques into his practice to balance Qi and optimize the healing experience.

Massage Therapist: Cathy

Cathy gradated from Central Maryland School of Massage in Frederick, MD and Esthetic Institute in Vienna, VA. She is specialized in Swedish, Deep Tissue massage, especially neck & shoulder tension release. She believes that everyone should incorporate massage into their daily life to achieve better health and more balanced lifestyle.

Nail Technician: Shera

Shera has been a nail technical for more than 5 years. When it comes to manicure and pedicure, she is a detail oriented with dedication to customer satisfaction. During her time in Tea Spa Wellness Center, she wins a crowd of following by her meticulous approach to nail care and design.

Esthetician: Maryam

Maryam is a licensed esthetician in Maryland. For more than 20 years Maryam has been working to help her clients look and feel their best. In her treatments uses only the right products and latest techniques to achieve the best results. She’s also an expert in waxing services. Her  caring and genuine personality that will make your experience here unforgettable.


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